Terms and Conditions

By Signing this agreement you agree to the following

  1. Hire You agree to hire the nappies for  6 weeks. Nappies may be requested for an extended period of time providing they are not already reserved by another parent. It is essential the nappies are returned on time (unless an agreement has been reached to extend the initial hire period).
  2. Fees and deposit Notts Cloth Nappies does not currently make charges or take a deposit for loan kits, but do reserve the right to make a charge for the new replacement cost for any nappies that are lost, stolen or unreasonably damaged as set out below.
  3. Donations Notts Cloth Nappies is able to accept donations of cloth nappies, accessories or cash donations, if you feel you would like to contribute to our running costs. This is entirely optional and no preference will be given to families based on whether a donation is made or not.
  4. Returning your loan kit You agree to return the loan kit immediately following the end of the hire period.
  5. Care You agree to take good care of the nappies and to wash them as follows:
    Cold rinse (just nappies), 60 degree wash with ½-1 dose of non-biological powder or liquid with no conditioner (may be with other colour-fast laundry items), additional rinse optional. Tumble drying / placing items directly onto radiators is acceptable for all items except anything that includes PUL (the waterproof layer, i.e. wraps, all in ones, pocket nappies, wet bags), line drying or indoor airers are acceptable for all kit items.
    In the event of any loss or damage other than fair wear and tear you agree you will pay the replacement cost of the nappy/nappies depending on severity. If you care for the nappies as advised no harm should come to them. Staining to the nappies will not incur a charge.
  6. Condition of hired items You agree that you are aware that the items hired to you are likely to be previously used. Occasionally there may be new items in your kits or bundle but as we are a lending library the vast majority of our library stock are used items. Each nappy is carefully inspected and cleaned at 60 degrees with a nappy sanitiser before each hire period. In the event there is any problem with the hired nappies please inform us at the start of the hire period. Please return the nappies to the library in the same good condition as they were when you first received them. Nappies must be washed and dried as per the instructions above and all components must be clean and dry when returned to us.
  7. Liability You agree that Notts Cloth Nappies will not accept responsibility for any loss or injury suffered by any persons choosing not to follow our careful advice. We will not assume liability for any issues arising from the misuse of any products or if the products offered are not suitable for your child. You agree that we are not responsible for any faulty products.
  8. Your Privacy Personal information provided to us will remain private and confidential. Your information will never be given to any other agencies. From time to time you may be contacted by email, telephone or post by Notts Cloth Nappies to let you know of any events or information we feel may be of use to you. Should you not wish to be contacted please tick this box